Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day!

Parker spent most of the snowy day today outside. Who's child is he? He loves to shovel the snow and was very disappointed no one wanted to play outside. Dema wanted to play outside, but he doesn't like to dress for the weather so his time was short-lived (just long enough to track a bunch of snow into the house). I just wanted to snuggle up with Josie, drink tea and maybe read a book. That is what cold snowy weather is for! I made some hemp hot cocoa which was so much better for us that the last hot cocoa and just as yummy. Vanilla hemp milk and Chocolate Nutiva® HempShake™. We used bananas for marshmallows again...excellent!

Parker was so happy that his friends didn't have school today, but then everyone wanted to play inside. He finally talked Leo and Owen into shoveling outside with him...they are so sweet!


Cynthia said...

oh how fun to see the all the guys together!!! I gotta say....Parker was over today and he definitely has the best laugh I have ever makes me SO happy!!!

VeganLinda said...

You are so sweet! He had a great time over there and couldn't stop talking about the Lego trains.