Friday, February 29, 2008

Sloppy Josie Jos

Okay, really this is Snobby Joes from Veganomicon, but around here they will be Sloppy Josie Jos which is the name Dema gave them since I call the baby Josie Jo all the time in an absolutely annoying "baby talk" voice, but I can't help myself. Whole wheat bun with avocado (the kids eat avocado on everything) and peas on the side, quick and easy and pretty darn tasty. I ran out of maple syrup which I buy locally from a friend and she just took another order so I can't wait for it to come in, but I know these things take time and the trees have to be tapped and the syrup canned, yadda, yadda, yadda, but I want my maple syrup! Anyway, this recipe calls for maple syrup, but I used molasses which adds some iron and it grounded the flavor (that doesn't sound good, but it made the flavor deeper which is nice...just trust me). I used about half the amount of molasses than I would have maple syrup. Next time I would put more onion and green pepper in it and double the recipe so we can have more leftovers. Everyone ate two sandwiches except for Dema because he eats to the beat of a different drummer and he devoured his peas and ate the bun dipped in the sloppy Josie filling on the side. I loooovvveee him. He is so me as a little kid except I wouldn't have touched the peas...I hated peas, but don't tell the kids 'cause I love them now. But, the point is he doesn't want to eat like everyone else and I didn't either so more power to him. He eats a much, much wider variety of foods than I did as a kid, but he does it on his terms.

Who you callin' sloppy?

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