Monday, February 4, 2008

Hot Ice and Wondrous Strange Snow

I love thunderstorms in the winter. The lightning and the snow make a combination which makes me look at nature with renewed awe and amazement. The snow from this weekend is quickly becoming slush and the entire day was so foggy it was hard to see across the street. Mother Nature is so mysterious and wondrous.

The sound of my children sleeping, the deep methodical breaths, blends so perfect with the raindrops hitting the house. As a child, I hated thunderstorms, but I have grown to like them (having a basement helps, I have to admit). I don't want to pass my fear of storms on to my children, but I do want them to understand the power of them. Rob's grandfather...his father's dad...was killed by lightning before Rob's dad was born. This story has always saddened and strangely fascinated me since I've never know anyone hurt by lightning before.

Safe inside the house, I find the winter storm poetic and comforting.


half pint pixie said...

I love snuggling in bed listening to hubbie & littlepixie sleeping soundly beside me while the rain lashes down outside. Not too fond of the rain when I'm caught in it, unless it's one of those days where you just go with it and get soaked gleefully, I love those too!

VeganLinda said...

Family snuggling is the best! We did end up getting just a little too much rain the next day. We didn't have flooding, but a lot of our friends did so that took the romance out of it a tad.