Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Inconvenient Truth

I have to tell you a secret. I finally watched An Inconvenient Truth. Yes, I realize I'm probably the last person on Earth to see it. I put it off for so many being I am already extremely worried about the environment and I'd read a lot about what Gore suggests we do about it on a personal level and we pretty much do everything suggested already. I didn't need to be more worried and down about the state of the Earth if it wasn't going to give me any new information on what to do about it. We watched it several times (as watching any movie like this with the kids involves a lot of starting and stopping) and it inspired a lot of questions. I was a little worried about Parker watching it because he is deeply concerned about the environment, but he took it well and was interested without being scared. Now when he turns out the lights he doesn't just think about saving energy, but things about it as saving Antarctica. I'm not judging if this is better or worse.

I like to feel like something can be done and you probably do as well so here are a couple links for ya...

Check out E Magazine's article on How to Recycle Practically Anything.

Now that everyone (even my father-in-law) is using CFLs, here is a way to recycle them if you don't have a local recycling program.

Oh and because this is a vegan blog, I'm not going to let you go without mentioning this article also from E Magazine on how diet can help the environment. I have this t-shirt I bought many years ago (back in the day when I thought a slogan on an organic cotton shirt would change people...not that I don't still wear shirts with this type of message...I just don't expect to win anyone over with it) which says "Real Environmentalist Don't Eat Meat", ironically it is worn out now and I use it as a rag.


Leeanthro said...

Is there a local place to take CFL's?

I was glad to hear (from LBOTP) that Urbana is now taking regular batteries.

VeganLinda said...

As far as I know, there is no local recycling of CFL's in C-U. Yes, there are several places around town which take batteries, cell phones, and Mack's Recycling takes computers and appliances.