Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Movie Review

Monday Movie Review

Rob and I actually went out on a date the other night. Thanks to my sister, Karen, who watched the boys. We walked downtown (with Josie in the mei tai, of course) to the local theater for the late movie. I thought Josie might fall asleep on the walk, as she usually does, but no such luck so Rob kept stressing that we were walking a mile in the cold at 10pm to a movie we wouldn't actually be able to see, but she was I knew she would be. She was awake for a little while, then nursed, looked at the screen, nursed, looked at the screen, (rinse and repeat several times) until she nodded of. It seemed to me like a very appropriate movie to be nursing your baby during.

Our friend Carl told us to see this movie. He has a relative which is involved with the movie so he went out to Cali for the premiere and walked on the red carpet and everything. He gave the movie two thumbs way up and told me I had to see it. So we did. Next time he tells me to see a movie, I might ask him to babysit for us.

Rob and I both enjoyed the movie very much and I could see it again. The acting was great and the story was so sweet in a modern sort of way. It really was great, but it made me feel so incredibly old. I actually asked Rob on the walk home if "kids really talk like that these days". When did I turn into someone so out of touch? I spend time with kids all the time, granted they are mostly under the teen years, but still. I'm a "hip/cool/whatever the word should be these days" mom, but oh so amazingly old for my years. This used to be a good thing, but around your mid-30's being "old for your age" starts to look less appealing.

We really liked Juno's parents in the movie (dad and step-mom). Rob especially liked the dad. Rob has been exhibiting this amazing new side of his personality I like to call "father of young girl child". When we hear about something happening to a girl or some guy not treating a girl right or to the awful extreme of some woman being physically harmed, Rob has this tiger or maybe polar bear side to him which is frightening and sweet at the same time. That kind of, "I pity the man who doesn't treat my baby girl right" thing. Who knew my pacifist had it in him?

Anyway, go see Juno!

Billy Budd
Rob picked this one on Netflix and I was like, booorrringg when it started. Why do I want to sit around our tiny portable DVD player (remember we have no TV) watching this old movie about sailors. Must be a Navy thing for Rob (yes he was in the Navy).

Well, I am the first to admit (most of the time) when I am wrong and I was oh so wrong! Rent this movie, watch it several times, and then read the novella or whatever you have to do, but don't let this story go unexperienced. I am not usually a "good" vs. "evil" lover, but I'll make an exception on this one.

I have to say, I am probably one of the few people out there who had never heard of Billy Budd before. I was telling my sister's boyfriend about it and he said, "the opera"? Yes, I am completely uncultured.

Last, but not least, I will include a movie in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day...

I like musicals, I won't be ashamed of this. (I also fancy opera...still didn't know about Billy Budd though so I don't get out to the opera as much as I'd like.) The kids like them too...notice I haven't mentioned Rob...let's just say he puts up with them and maybe some of the musicals grow on him. Anyway, Hairspray has a great cast and is a funny movie, but also a commentary on desegregation. Also, after living in Maryland, I have to applaud some of the Baltimore accents. Well worth the time.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how a dad transforms for his daughter. It started with Tom at Hannah's birth, when that nurse, without warning, shoved a needle into her tender thigh and she screamed. We were taping. He actually balls up his fists behind that nurse. I think she made a narrow escape and only because him mom taught him to always act properly. Then of course last week with Emily. I was talking to him and he was silent. I thought he was just not paying attention to me. Turns out he was so angry he couldn't talk. Those daddies and their daughters. Watch out!

Susan said...

We also *loved* Juno. It seems like we have very similar tastes in movies. We also saw Atonement the same week as Juno (a rarity), but that was a big disappointment. Weak character development, I think. It's cute about Rob. I can imagine Ercan being the same way if we were ever to have a girl. He is kind of like that with his younger sister, so I'm sure it would be much more pronounced with his own daughter. Hopefully we will be fortunate to witness it for real one day ;))

Lisa said...

The guy playing Juno's dad is one of my favorite actors. I love him in the teevee show The Closer.

Jim is very much the protective dad. He's always been like that, but after Lilly was born it was much more on display.


VeganLinda said...

Susan, I will keep that in mind about Atonement. How nice that you and Ercan were able to get out twice!

Modern Matriarch, I told Rob about the issue with Emily and he was right there with Tom on how to handle it. Of course, Rob is protective of the boys two, but it just is a little different with girls.

VeganLinda said...

Lisa, I like how you say it is much more on display...that is a good way to put it.