Monday, January 28, 2008

Junk Food Vegans

On a vegetarian email list I belong to, but rarely read*, there was a discussion recently about vegetarians who eat "junk" food and how they give all veg*ns a bad name and how we are all role models for veg*nism and should be held to a higher standard....yadda, yadda, yadda. Now I won't get into what I think about being a role model (I am no Charles Barkley folks) or if I think we (veg*ns) should hold ourselves to some food standard above and beyond being veg*n.

I will just show some of the junk food my family has been eating lately. Now some may not see it as junk food and some may. You be the judge. I am in a stage right now (I'm sure it will pass quickly) where I'm trying not to judge...actually, I'm working on Rob not judging because it is oh so much more fun to work on his issues than my own. Anyhoo, it is sooo much more fun to go through life seeing the good in all beings. Sure, I miss the sarcasm and feeling better than everyone around me, but that is sooo fleeting because inevitably there is someone better than me at whatever it is right around the corner (damn them...I mean bless their hearts).

Where was I, ah yes, food...

Black bean burrito with brown rice, avocado on a whole wheat tortilla, with Tufutti non-hydrogenated sour cream, salsa on the side and mashed potatoes (organic potatoes, white pepper, salt, liquid from boiling the potatoes, and Earth Balance):This weekend, I needed to use up the last of the black beans we soaked/cooked and some potatoes so I promised the kids black bean burgers and baked fries, but I had Rob make the burritos and I made mashed potatoes (not what we usually have with burritos, but it worked). Parker had three burritos (sans vegan sour cream since the boys have no taste for things like that...oh how I wish I had been raised vegan). They are just as quick as going out for a burrito and oh so much better.

Rob sweetly made the black bean burgers I had promised the kids the next night. They are from Veganomicon. I have really liked a lot of the recipes from Veganomicon, but now we've made the Chickpea Cutlets, Beanballs, and Black Bean burgers and they all have been fine, but not great and a little stringy. I just think vital wheat gluten is great for seitan, but I'm not a big fan of it in the other recipes. Maybe I'm missing something. Rob thought it may have been a bread crumb issue since I am not the best bread crumb maker, but he did the black bean burgers and while they held together better than my other tries with the cutlets and the beanballs, they still weren't quite right. Also, I would not omit the optional ingredient of the cilantro because without it, the black bean burgers would be pretty bland.

Veganomicon Black Bean Burgers on a whole wheat bun with Vegenaise, unsweetened ketchup, with avocado and salsa on the side, steamed kale with garlic, and baked fries:

This is dedicated to an old (much older than me, but really we've just known each other for a long time and that is what I meant...really and truly) friend of mine who complained awhile ago that (read this next part in a whiny guy voice) none of the food I blogged about looked good. He wasn't complaining about my obviously awful photos (you try to take a picture of food while you are nursing a four month old in one arm, a three year old is trying to tackle you, a seven year old begs to take his own picture which will turn out better than yours, and your husband rolls his eyes while wolfing down his food), but his misconception that vegan food is not tasty...I dare you to come over for dinner some night, B (you know who you are). I happen to know he likes comfort (junk) food so maybe this post might win over his artery clogged heart which is kept beating by statin drugs (truth hurts, hon)...yes, I just lost another reader (B, it is just a joke! Lighten up!).

*Email lists are the reason I haven't taken over the world ( pre-kids...Pinky and the Brain fan). Now blogs are added to the growing number of reasons for which you all are not under my spell. Muahahaha!


B said...

Every night I get online to read your most recent blog. Tonight, I’m buzzing along when all of a sudden it dawns on me that I’m the “OLD whiney guy (ouch) with the artery clogged heart which is kept beating by statin drugs”. I could only laugh once I realized who you were talking about. There is some truth in this blog, but I sure like steak and potatoes. And I will admit, once in awhile I see a picture of something that doesn’t look to awfully bad, for instance the fries look good.

VeganLinda said...

I'm happy you still read the blog...this was test. LOL I guess the fries are a start. :-)

4 is crazy said...

Linda if that is junk food, then my family is in BIG trouble. Bean burritos with whole wheat tortilla is what my girls call "healthy snack please."

Now, the fake (made with fruit juice) Fruit Loops that they had for breakfast, that is junk food!

Me - ducking to avoid the organic tomatoes being throw at my head

VeganLinda said...

4 is crazy, you made me laugh!