Friday, December 28, 2007

There's Money in the Ghetto

One of the fun things I did while Rob and Dema were in North Carolina was open some of the boxes which have been sitting in the attic from our move into this house a year ago Thanksgiving. A couple boxes had toys in them so the kids are playing with toys they haven't played with for over a year...this is a much cheaper, more environmentally-friendly way to do Christmas and I might just start packing up stuff now and storing it away for next year.

One of the great finds from unpacking was Dema's Haba donkey bank (it isn't a piggy bank since it is in the shape of a donkey). Dema was so happy to carry it around and put loose change in it. Then today I realized he has been with Rob too much lately when he was walking around with this adorable bank saying to himself, "I'm sitting on a fat bank! There's money in the ghetto!" in his little rapper voice.

*For those of you not as into rap music as Dema, the song is by Too $hort and here are the lyrics.

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