Monday, December 31, 2007

Sixth Day of Christmas, Chipotle Garlic Risotto, Creamy Tomato Soup

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Six geese a-laying ("adopted" at the animal sanctuary, of course)
Five containers of organic orange juice
Four Kucinich years (as president)
Three alternative heating options (multi-fuel stove, pellet insert, solar)
Two cast iron pans (one a skillet, one a muffin pan) and
A Bakfiet to easily carry Parker, Dema, and Josie

The other day we had chipotles in adobo sauce left over from the Stormy Black Bean Soup and two containers of Tofutti Cream Cheese (non-hydrogenated, of course) so I found two recipes to use them up. I bought the vegan cream cheese twice when it was on sale at our local health food store thinking I would use it for Cappellini in Fresh Tomato Cream Sauce from VeganYumYum. However, as I've mentioned before, Rob does not like Tofutti Cream Cheese (hydrogenated or not) anymore (I do remember he would spread it on his bagels when we lived in Maryland, but people change). Thus, the containers sat unused.

So, I made Creamy Tomato Soup from Have Cake Will Travel. I used an onion since we'd run out of shallots and vegetable broth (didn't have tomato juice) and fire roasted canned tomatoes. It was really good. Tomato soup is one of my favorite foods to eat when I'm sick or when it is cold out. I found Chilpotle Garlic Risotto in my newish cookbook Alternative Vegan by Dino Sarma so I had Rob make the risotto (he is the risotto king now). We kept trying looking for when the chipotles were to be added and unless we read wrong, they are just cut up and put on top. This is what we did. I loved it, but the chipotle will over-power the taste of the risotto if you get too much in one bite. The kids ate it without the topping. For left-overs, I put some of the risotto (sans chipotles) into the tomato soup and that was super good. Rob even suggested we use the risotto next time before we immersion blend the soup to make it creamy, but I liked the rice the way it was. I do like the two dishes together and the next time we make the risotto, we'll try some other toppings she suggests (sauteed mushrooms, olives, nuts, etc.). I can't believe in the twelve years we've been together we never made risotto and now we make it all the time.

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