Friday, December 21, 2007

Green Soups

When Parker was two or three years old, we would eat broccoli soup quite a bit and he would ask for "green soup". He is a big soup kid and even now at almost eight years old, some of his favorite soups are green.

The other day, Rob made Parker's Favorite Turnip and Kale Soup and I made Broccoli Potato Soup from Healthy Eating for Life for Children (I really like this book, the whole series really, but hadn't made this recipe before). Parker still ate his favorite, but he did like the broccoli soup as well. Dema preferred the broccoli soup which is no big surprise. Soup for Dema is a way to eat more bread and the broccoli soup is great for dipping bread into (in this case, a yummy seeded sourdough bread from Strawberry Fields). I love both soups and love the heartiness of the kale soup and the creaminess of the broccoli soup.

It will be a long cold winter here in the Midwest so I foresee many soups in our future.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that bread. We call it bird seed bread here. I may have to have Tom pick some up for me while I make a veggie soup! Mmmm....

VeganLinda said...

Cute, bird seed bread. It is really yummy. I think they used to put poppy seeds in it, but I like it much better this way.