Friday, December 21, 2007

Goodbye My Sweet, Sweet, Best, Great MaMa

Rob's grandmother Joyce Blinson (MaMa to everyone in the family) died today. We will miss her very much. When I broke the news to Dema, he said, "Oh, my sweet, sweet, best, great MaMa. I miss her so."

This picture was taken when Dema was very little. She loved to have the boys sit on her lap and they happily sat. This is Joyce a couple of years ago at her 92nd birthday celebration. Most of the pictures we have of her are in her kitchen. She always had food for us to eat and I have fond memories of sitting at her table, talking with her as she made sure everyone was fed. Parker will probably miss her food and playing in her garden the most.

Rob and Dema are off to North Carolina for the funeral. Josie just isn't up for the trip since they have to make it there very quickly and Parker is getting over an ear infection. We are sad we will miss it, but so glad we were able to see her at Thanksgiving.

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