Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow and Caving

Today was the first snow of the winter (it snowed, but didn't stick a few times, but this covered the ground for a little while at least) and Josie's first snow ever!

Here is the view from our bedroom window of "our" park. Parker was the only one who had a chance to play in the snow before it melted, unless you count Rob falling down on his bike on his way to work and bending his computer (no he didn't count it either).

We did go out today on Rob's lunch hour and buy a dryer. We've been without a dryer for over a year and I love it...except when the family gets sick and Dema throws up all over every blanket we own in one shot. Also, after leaving the diapers outside to "dry" for three days and just having them freeze (no drying occurs while they are frozen), thaw, not quite dry, freeze again, rain on them, repeat, I decided that wasn't super efficient. We don't have room to dry diapers and a load of clothes in the attic so, we caved. The dryer will stack on top of our washer and is very energy efficient. I still plan on hanging most things to dry and when warmer weather returns I would like to move the dryer to the basement so I won't even be tempted to use it. It will be nice to use once in a while and it was nice to know we could go over a year without one.

Now Josie gets to experience soft fluffy diapers, she'll be so spoiled.

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