Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fifth Day of Christmas and Reindeer Games

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
Five containers of organic orange juice*
Four Kucinich years (as president)
Three alternative heating options (multi-fuel stove, pellet insert, solar)
Two cast iron pans (one a skillet, one a muffin pan) and
A Bakfiet to easily carry Parker, Dema, and Josie.

*Rob started teasing me years before we had kids (read when we had two incomes, lived in the DC area and could afford it), about my organic orange juice. I'm an organic freak and would sometimes not buy any produce if I couldn't find organic (I admitted a long time later that Rob was right and eating conventional produce was better than not eating any). Back to the juice, I am not known for paying attention to food prices and he informed me that buying this organic juice at $7/half gallon was pretty much like buying gold. I still love my organic (calcium-fortified) orange juice, as with all juices, we don't buy it often.

We spent all night last night playing games; Harvest Time and Sand Castles are co-operative games which the boys received from me for Christmas. Parker is naturally a co-operative game person and Dema does better, especially when playing with older kids, if the game is not competitive. Rob, on the other hand, is a lost cause. He played the games (over and over), but would make comments which clearly were not co-operative and blatantly competitive. Rob was just trying (and succeeding) to push my buttons. To be fair, he really enjoys Sand Castles and as I started doing other things around the house and the guys all played together there was lots of co-operation. Rudolf would certainly be included in our games.

Here is Broccoli Soba with Peanut-Pumpkin Sauce from Vegan Family Favorites from a few days ago, but I used whole-wheat spaghetti instead of soba. Also from VFF is Sesame Tofu (but you really don't need a recipe...think Bragg's Amino Acids, sesame seeds, and time I'll add nutritional yeast). Parker loved the tofu, but Dema prefers his "white" with no sauce right out of the package. I toasted the whole-wheat bread with a little Earth Balance and some nutritional yeast.


Jane said...

I grew up playing Harvest Time! It was one of our favourite games - I was so excited to see it in your store, and now on your blog. My little one is 15 months, but soon enough she will be ready to play board games like that!
Jane (vegan mom in canada)

Cynthia said...

those games look great....I've gotta stop by and see the Harvest Time in particular----we just might have to buy that.....

VeganLinda said...

Jane, How cool is that! Dema (3) will play Harvest Time by himself. I wish I knew about these games years ago. I love that they are made in Canada and the people who make them are great to work with.

Cynthia, I promise, I do not try to sell things to your kids when they come over. I actually hide most of my inventory away. I feel like the toy crack dealer in the neighborhood. You are welcome to stop by anytime...with or without money.