Sunday, December 2, 2007

Back Away from the Processed Meat

This article on the link between processed meats and cancer caught my eye. I am still reading through the study cited (not because it is so technical, but because I haven't had a minute of uninterrupted time). I highly recommend people check this one out. It also discusses the link between body fat and cancer. As someone who lost her approximately 300lb 58 year old mother to cancer, this topic is of extreme interest and importance.

I'm sure most of you veg*ns out there are like, "duh" to comments such as "no amount of processed meat considered safe", but I think this is important. I'm not surprised at all about the Beef Association's response, but hopefully people will read the information and decide for themselves. Processed meat may go the way of trans fats. We can only hope.

Not one to push processed foods of any kind, there are some tasty alternatives to processed meats out there if you feel like you are missing them. To your health!

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