Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sweet Tomato Risotto and Vegetable Jalfrezi

Rob's Risotto
This time he added cooking Sherry and green peppers to his risotto for a sweeter taste. Yummy as always! Steamed broccoli and crusty bread from Strawberry Fields.

I went out to dinner with my friends Alicia and Christie to a local Indian restaurant recently. The owner really likes Rob so he always does something special (they are great about leaving out the ghee and other dairy for us), even if Rob isn't with me. This time, he brought us a dosa with coconut chutney. It reminded me that we haven't cooked Indian at home in a while. I especially miss Rob's dosas. Still in the mood for Indian food when shopping this week, I picked up Seeds of Change Jalfrezi Indian Simmer Sauce on a whim. I thought it might come in Jalfrezihandy for a quick dinner. A few days later I wanted to use up some leftovers so I threw in brown rice, broccoli, chickpeas, and some tofu and the simmer sauce. Since the leftovers were cold, I added some soy milk and water to the sauce so it wouldn't stick. I took a picture as a last minute thought with my phone so it isn't the best photo. The result was nice, but a little too "watered down" spice wise for Rob and me. It wasn't bad for the kids and it was quick and easy. Nothing beats making Indian from scratch though. We'll have to get out the Indian cookbooks this weekend and invite Alicia over since she really enjoyed coconut chutney.

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