Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sweet Potato Curry and Broccoli Soba with Peanut-Pumpkin Sauce

We had a busy weekend last weekend with birthday parties, harvest parties, and neighborhood parties. It was so busy, we didn't get a chance to attend everything and we had to split up to attend what we did. It was all fun though!

Here is what Rob made and took our neighborhood party with lots of compliments...

Sweet Potato Curry from Vegan Family Favorites
Ingredients: curry paste, coconut milk, peanut butter, lemon juice, oil, garlic, ginger, sweet potatoes, cilantro, brown rice

There wasn't much left, but it is so much fun eating it out of our new vegan bowls. These bowls are the perfect size for a snack, leftovers, etc. They are the bowl of choice for the boys for anything they want to eat.

I made a double batch of this recipe as a quick dinner since Rob has been working weird hours lately and we never know when he'll be home to eat. I would suggest not doubling it if you can't eat that much because soba noodles are best eaten when they are cooked and don't refrigerate well. Everyone liked this and I added shredded carrots this time. In the past I've used peas and carrots in addition or instead of broccoli (depending on what I have on hand). I've also used other nut butters instead of peanut.

Broccoli Soba with Peanut-Pumpkin Sauce from Vegan Family FavoritesIngredients: soba noodles, broccoli, water, peanut butter, canned pumpkin, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, hot pepper sesame oil (I've used toasted sesame oil and my favorite hot sauce when I didn't have hot pepper sesame oil on hand)

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Anne from Vegan Digest said...

I've been making the Broccoli Soba with Peanut-Pumpkin sauce for ages now and it is one my favorite recipes. It doesn't photograph well, though, does it? I've tried many times! I've used different nut butters, too, in the recipe and it always comes out great. The sauce is SO creamy, you wouldn't believe it.