Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Movie Review

Purely "potato chip" movies this Monday. Sorry, nothing I think you should run out and rent. Oh and for the record, we rented these locally at That's Rentertainment.

You Kill Me
You Kill Me
I really like Ben Kingsley. The first film I saw him in was Gandhi when I was a kid and I've liked him ever since. He was in the first movie Rob and I saw together, Species, and Rob kept apologizing the entire film. It was awful, but I still like Ben. On the spectrum of Ben Kingsley movies, I would rate You Kill Me toward the Species end and not the Gandhi end. I never grew to like any of the characters. Yes, Ben is a drunk hit man and his love interest ends up being Tea Leoni. I'm not a big Tea fan so maybe this is why the film didn't do much for me. It supposed to be a dry comedy, but I just found it dry.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up
Okay, I didn't pick this one out and I wasn't even going to review it because I'm embarrassed I even watched it, but there were some slightly redeeming qualities to this film. Basically, it is about a pretty woman who gets drunk and sleeps with this immature, unattractive, unemployed guy (I would go on about how he's pretty much a jerk and his roommates are disgusting, but I won't) and gets pregnant, decides to keep the baby and try to have some sort of relationship with the "one night stand guy". First, a warning, I wouldn't put this in the family film list so it might be best to watch after everyone is in bed (if you even want to rent it). Second, most of what I liked about the movie had to do with the supporting characters and not the main ones...possibly because I'm married with children.
Redemption (reasons I'm even bothering to blog about it):
Scene in the beginning in the parents' bedroom in the morning and the two daughters sleep in their room (I'm a advocate for "sleep sharing" or "co-sleeping").
The married couple has highs and lows which are amplified, but somewhat realistic.
There is point where the husband says something to the effect that his wife loves him so much that she wants to spend time with him and this is what he has been complaining me, I saw this as a moment of understand that he has really been running away from that which he wanted in the first place (love, acceptance, companionship). I think many times in long-term relationships people are trying to get their own time in and get to do what they want to do and in the end they both just want to be together.
The bubble scene where the two men discuss how children can get great enjoyment out of simple things like bubbles.
It pokes fun at the shallowness of the entertainment industry.
The labor and birth is somewhat more realistic than most movies.

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