Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Brotherly Love and Parker's Product Review

Last night Parker said to us, "I think I might marry Josie when I grow up." and we couldn't help but smile. It was really cute and I find it interesting that Josie is the first girl younger than Parker to get on the list. Karen (my sister) is the oldest on the list so he spans four decades. He only has two girls on the list who aren't family. I tell him he doesn't need to worry about getting married. He says he isn't worried, just he loves her so much. You and me both, buddy.

Dema, has his own worries. He is really bummed he doesn't have a uterus. He has talked about this ever since he saw Josie's birth, but he also watched National Geographic In the Womb of Animals DVD. I think it is a great DVD, but it seems to make Dema want a to give birth even more. I'm glad he's into the whole birth thing, but hopefully he'll get over the uterus envy.

Parker's Product Pick:

Rising Moon Spinach Florentine Ravioli

We used to be able to get vegan ravioli from Putney Pasta back when Parker was little, then it wasn't available anymore so I tried a Rising Moon ravioli and we hated it. I don't know if they changed the recipe since then or if it has been years since we had the Putney Pasta version so we are more open. Whatever the reason, this is a winner now. Rob and I really like the butternut squash flavor too, but the kids find it too sweet. I am too lazy to make my own ravioli so it is nice to cook one of these up when we crave ravioli.


Mom said...

Maybe Deam will grow up to be a midwife. That way, even if he doesn't get over his uterus envy, he can still part of birth for than his wife :)

VeganLinda said...

I wouldn't be surprised if one of them became a midwife. Tonight Dema said he would really like five more babies. I'm sure this will die down a bit when Josie is old enough to start taking his toys. :-)