Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back on Track

Last night it was a rainy mess so I picked up Rob instead of him riding his bike home as usual. To make the car trip worthwhile I suggested we go workout at the gym. I am embarrassed to admit this was my first trip to the gym since Josie was born. Yes, I've been to a bar or two, but not the gym...priorities. It feels good to get back to it.

Josie enjoyed the workout (she was asleep in the mei tai the entire time). I received a few looks from others at the gym, but I've worked out (in different gyms) with all my kids and the gym I belong to now if very big on starting good fitness habits early (maybe not at 2 1/2 months). It brought bag memories of Parker in the Baby Bjorn (I don't recommend these carriers) when he was little and I was on the treadmill. Parker loved working out at the gym as he got older so maybe it worked! He would walk the track (at a gym we used to have basically in our backyard at our old house) with my sister and me while Dema rode on my back in the Ergo.

Of course, I prefer to get exercise outside, but the gym is nice when it gets rainy and/or cold out. We ordered the stroller attachments to our Chariot bike trailer so I can walk for longer distances with the kids. We walked to the park today (1.5 miles away) with the boys on their bikes and Josie in a mei tai. It was nerve wracking because Dema stops right at the edge of where I feel comfortable when he gets to the streets. I plan on putting the boys in the Chariot and wearing Josie.We rarely ever used a stroller since as babies the kids didn't like them (who would want to be in a stroller when they can be right next to mom?!). Right before we sold the jogging stroller we'd been generously been given when he was born, Parker wanted a ride in it so here is Parker in the stroller with Dema on my back a couple years ago.

I hope to get back into an exercise schedule since I told you all about it, maybe that will be incentive.


Candice said...

Awesome! Working out with your baby! Have you done yoga with your baby? i think that would be pretty interesting too. I am just getting into yoga now, but yoga and baby would be a great combo!

VeganLinda said...

I did yoga at home with Parker (my oldest) and it was somewhat successful. The kids do some kid yoga, but I find it hard to really practice "adult" yoga with them. It is fun anyway.