Friday, October 19, 2007

You Have But Slumber'd Here

Sleep is something every parent I know talks about. I guess it is because we never seem to get enough or we are always trying to get our children to sleep. Our yoga instructor in Maryland used to say "Enlightenment is eating when you are hungry and sleeping when you are tired." Our three year old, Dema has the second one down.

A picture collage of my wonderful sleeper, Demetrius (partly named for a character in A Midsummer Night's Dream because that was Parker's favorite movie at the time). He falls asleep anywhere and everywhere. Quite often he falls asleep in the swing at the park. He has been known to fall asleep while eating at restaurants (sometimes still holding food and when he wakes up he doesn't loose a beat and will begin eating again). He is one of those children who will come up and say "I am tired and ready to go to bed." and just go or fall asleep wherever he happens to be. Sometimes we get a picture.

Although falling asleep in a carrier is not unusual for most babies/children, I had so many pictures of his dreaming in carriers that I couldn't help but include a few. Dema loved his carriers. I was able to nurse him to sleep and then wrap him in a wrap carrier without waking him up. He would bring me a carrier when he wanted to go to sleep before he could tell me in words that he wanted to sleep.

Although he hated his car seat most of his time as an infant, he would fall asleep. I used to sit in the backseat with him and nurse him with both of us in our seat belts...don't ask me how (no pictures of that thank goodness).

I bought a butterfly chair when Parker was little just because I thought it would be a hammock like feeling for little ones to sleep in. So far all three of them have slept in it when they wouldn't sleep anywhere else except with me in the carrier.

We have many pictures of Dema sleeping in the bike trailer. Taking him on a trip via bike was a sure fire way for him to get some sleep. Most of the time he has his favorite pillow, Parker.

When we lived at our old house, Dema went to the bathroom while I was cooking and I went to see why he had been so long and was so quiet (silence is usually a sign of trouble when it comes to kids). I found Dema had fallen asleep!

He has fallen asleep under the dining room table a couple times. I think this is his way of combining his two favorite activities; eating and sleeping.

I guess I'm just pushing him a little too hard during home schooling or maybe I'm too boring. I know I almost fell asleep at my desk in school a couple times. :-) Actually, the boys like to draw at their desks before going to sleep and the other night Dema didn't transition into the bed.

Dema talks a little in his sleep at times and will wake telling us about his dreams and other people's dreams. I'm not sure how he manages the second.

We do actually have six beds in our house (counting two futons which are couches or beds depending on our mood/need) for those of you worried that he doesn't have a "normal" place to get some rest. Now I'm off to use one of them.

Sweet dreams.


Cynthia said...

Leo is my good sleeper. Since he was the first child I thought my good parenting had something to do with it. HA! Then Owen came along....

Of late Leo sleeps on the living room couch. He just announced when he wants to go to bed, wraps himself up, gets a book to read and happily goes to bed. I figure why fight it.....everyone's happy and he's going to bed painlessly....

Linda said...

We thought everything Parker did was due to our excellent parenting until we had Dema. :-)

You never know where people are going to end up sleeping in our house, but as long as everyone is sleeping and happy...why mess with it!