Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Surprise

I took this quiz to see what Presidential candidate best represents my views. Guess who?

Followed by Chris Dodd and every Dem, then Rudy, Mitt, and Ron Paul. I have several friends, who (whom? it is early folks) I thought I agreed with politically, supporting Ron Paul and I have no idea what they are smokin'. He is 11th on my list. Fun quiz and I'm really glad we have so many choices right now.


Loretta said...

This was a fun quiz! I got pretty much the same results as you, although Giuliani was higher than Biden in mine. Odd--especially since David was all for Biden getting the nomination in '04.
I really think this race is still wide open, despite the front-runners in each party. I really think that when it comes down to it, Democrats are going to realize that Hillary just isn't electable. Not because she's a woman, but because she's Hillary Clinton, and there are plenty of swing voters out there who still dislike her from when Bill was pres. (I could really write a thesis about this...) And, Giuliani and Romney aren't likely to bring in the hard-core fundamentalist republican base in '08 like GWB because they are seen as too centrist. It will be interesting to see what's in store over the next year.
P.S.-I'm really enjoying your blog. You've posted a lot of interesting things on here. :)

Angi said...

HEE HEE - Ron Paul was my second and the guy who was your first was my 8th. No big surprise right.

Oh and Hillary was dead last :)

VeganLinda said...

Loretta, I'd love to hear more of your thoughts.

Angi, I know YOU aren't smoking anything. How interesting about Ron Paul. I'm no Hillary fan myself.