Friday, October 5, 2007

1 Month old, Wedding Anniversary and St. Francis

Josie is four weeks old and I scheduled a GNO (girl's night out) at my house on my 9th wedding anniversary (I totally forgot) which is also the feast day for St. Francis (my favorite saint and no, I'm not catholic).

Josie is great, she is awake much more often, pooping in the toilet is going well, but peeing not so much, our generous friends are keeping her in clothes, and she adores Parker's singing. The picture shows Josie in her first gift (received from our friend Alicia...Aunt Alicia to Josie).

The GNO was for a friend who is sadly leaving town and is a part of our natural family living parenting group. Luckily, she will stay in touch via email and she won't be moving too far away. It was nice to have everyone over and I should have taken pictures of the yummy vegan apple crisp, chocolate chip cookies, grapes, etc. we had to snack on and everyone left since it was at my house so the kids and I were buzzing from lack of sleep and too much sugar. :-)

St. Francis has always been a favorite of mine and I think he is especially appropriate for vegans. My sister is also working on becoming a "Clare" in the order of Franciscans. I might have her do a guest post on that someday.


rob said...

Hey I forgot too, but I did remember it on the 5th which was the wrong day. Love you. Rob

Linda said...

I promise we'll have a date night some day soon. Love, Linda