Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This Vegetarian American Life

Okay, so I am the LAST to know that Ira Glass, host of my favorite radio show "This American Life" is veg. How did I miss this? I have been living in my own little TV-free vegan cave for years apparently. I found out from yeahthatveganshit.blogspot.com because Lindy Loo had a question about what famous veg*n would people most want to make out with (I said Michael Franti and maybe Dennis K., I know big surprise). Someone said Ira Glass and I had to find out if it was true. A quick internet search brought me to the YouTube of Ira on the David Letterman Show talking about it. I've been to Karen Davis' house in Maryland where United Poultry Concerns is located and I can totally see Karen getting through to Ira. See, you just never know what is going to effect people.

(Parker's drawings of a chickens.)

My mom grew up on a farm (actually my dad did too) and she always hated the chickens because she had to go in early in the morning and take their eggs and they would peck her. I took her to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary where I used to volunteer when I lived in Maryland and she met the chickens there. She had to admit they had personalities and many were sweet and loving. George, a rooster I will never forget would lay in my lap while I pet him to sleep. I was in love with a black hen named Iris who laid reddish eggs. She was beautiful. I was always amazed when groups of city kids from DC would come out the sanctuary and how holding a chicken in their hands made them smile and how sweet and gentle they would be with these amazing creatures. I think the chickens made the biggest impression on many of them.

Most of the chickens at the sanctuary, when I was volunteering there, were from farms and a few from school hatching projects. Many had been in very tough situations prior to coming to PSAS and they were still friendly. They all have personalities.

Anyway, I love you even more now, Ira.

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