Monday, September 17, 2007

Music Sweet Music and the Food Train

As I've already mentioned we've had people very generously giving us food since Josie was born. My natural parenting group calls it a food train. It is strange, every time I think of "food train" the "Love Train" song by the O'Jays goes through my head. Speaking of songs sticking in your head. The same parenting group was discussing the song "White and Nerdy" which is a take-off from the song "Riding Dirty". I was watching the YouTube video of the "Ridin' Dirty" song with the kids out of the room and of course Dema ran in because he is a HUGE rap music fan. He actually loves all music, but two of his first words were "Michael Franti" and he seems to have rhythm the rest of the family just does not possess. Anyway, he loves "Riding Dirty" and sings it all the time now (he just knows the "chorus" and doesn't watch the video so settle down). He was playing in the neighbor's sandbox yesterday and my dad was over and I had to explain what the song meant. I sort of dread Dema's teenage years.
Anyway I'm supposed to be talking about has been great and all the food is so yummy and unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice. Most of the time, I am trying to take a picture as my family is already consuming the food. The first picture has two dishes from different people. On the left is coconut rice (raisins) with mango curry (mango, cashews, potatoes) on top and the item on the left is a couscous dish with beans, onions and corn. Both great and surprisingly good together. The next picture has a black bean soup from a friend (it was perfect timing!) with black beans, carrots, corn, onions, and spices. The Bearitos chips and roasted red pepper hummus on the side. Rob made the Spicy Red Pepper Hummus from for a party we all went to on Saturday and the garlic he used was so strong he didn't add the hot sauce or harrisa and did add another can of chickpeas to cut the garlic taste. We love garlic, but this was strong! It went over great at the party, but I don't think Josie is a huge garlic fan so I'll have to refrain from over indulging in garlic. Rob also made the famous Seitan O'Greatness from PPK. It is great and Rob swears it was really easy. We'll be making a bunch of this.

Today Josie is 10 days old! I can't believe we ever lived without her. Parker has her in his arms every spare second and barely lets me nurse her before asking to hold her again. He doesn't like to be spit up on, but he takes it very well. He helps with diaper changing, but doesn't feel comfortable doing it by himself yet. Dema's job is to kiss Josie at every opportunity. He likes to hold her, but not for too long. We've been spending as much time as possible outside enjoying this beautiful weather. If it weren't for all the mosquitoes it would be perfect. They are out even in the daytime and poor Dema is covered with bites. I don't think to put the repellent on during the day, but I might have to. So far Josie has been spared from the blood suckers. Josie is still sleeping and nursing all the time, just what she is supposed to be doing. She does have blue eyes...I was wrong. I thought they looked brown, but they must have just been really dark blue. We'll see if they stay blue. The boys both have blue and they want her to have blue eyes too. They also want her to walk and talk soon. They will have to wait awhile. Josie has the longest fingers and toes. People have said that means she'll be tall (toes) or a pianist (fingers). Coming from Rob and me, I doubt she'll be tall, but we'll try her on the piano.

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Mom said...

The mosquitos have been HORRIBLE. We haven't had any all summer and now they are thick and I don't know why. We don't have standing water or anything and neither do any of the neighbors.

Glad to hear the boys love their sister so much! :)