Monday, September 3, 2007

Pancakes and Soba Noodles

Yesterday I made pancakes while Rob made some hash browns, but I didn't take pictures because our neighbor, Scott, stopped by to go on a bike ride with Rob and I didn't want to look like a total freak taking pictures of food. I don't make pancakes very often and I'm not sure why, but these were so good the kids asked me to make them again this morning. I used the recipe for Fluffy Pancakes (and they are!) in Vegan Family Favorites. They aren't your healthiest pancakes so I probably won't make them often, but Parker topped his with blueberries and I added flax seed oil to the syrup and they ate some vegan yogurt with them so I felt a tiny bit better. This morning I couldn't find the canola oil (the recipe calls for vegetable oil) so I had to use olive oil. The kids didn't mind at all, but it is a little too strong a taste for me.

I ate leftovers from last night for breakfast instead of the pancakes. We went over to our neighbor's house (same one who went riding with Rob) for dinner and we took some sauted kale and I made more Cappellini in Fresh Tomato Sauce. This time I used soba noodles because we were going to make another recipe from Vegan Family Favorites called Broccoli Soba with Peanut-Pumpkin Sauce which I really like, but my sister, Karen, brought us some tomatoes the other day and they really needed to be used. I think the soba noodles over-power the fresh tomato sauce so I'd stick with cappellini next time. I added broccoli and shredded carrots and I would definitely do that again. Our neighbor made a very nice dish with veggies, tofu, rice, and Thai peanut sauce. It was nice to get together and food was very good.

We actually are so incredibly lucky to have so many non-vegan friends who are vegan-friendly. We've eaten over at someone's house three times this week and none of the friends were vegan (one vegetarian), but it is always fun and the food is great. Rob took a new dish from The New Vegan Cookbook (sorry no picture, but the actual cookbook has a very nice pic of it) which was very good called Slow-Baked Cannellini with Olives, Escarole, and Gremolata. Now you know why I don't cook from the this cookbook very often. I find the long recipe names intimidating and anything that says "slow" makes me think I won't get it done in time for supper. I'm so glad Rob has none of my issues about this and I'm enjoying his experiments.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day off. (You did have a day off didn't you??? It is Labor Day after all.) Rob was hoping I'd go into labor myself this weekend since he just started a new job and actually taking time off might be tough when the baby is born, but no sign of going into labor soon.

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