Thursday, September 27, 2007

Diapers, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Diapers or Changing Tables Are For Wusses

or is it "wooses" or "woozles" (too much A. A. Milne).

On to the regularly scheduled post...
First, for those of you with smelly diaper pails (oh, come now, you know who you are), I have the sweet, sweet solution. It came to me in a dream...not really, but it was a fun surprise. Rob bought some Rice Dream Horchata (that is so fun to say, say it again "Horchata"...sounds like a Latin dance craze) the other day as a treat for me (I tell myself this since I drank it all myself **rubbing hands together greedily and smiling**). Well, a few hours later I am changing Josie's peed in diaper and I can't help myself I have to sniff it (no I'm not some perv, I don't usually sniff my baby's diapers). I call Parker in to take a whiff (he is such a trusting little soul) and he agrees. I can't wait for Rob to get home to tell him the news (yes, I need to get out of the house and get a life!). The diaper smelled like.....wait for it....cinnamon. Yes, folks, I kid you not. It made me think of French Toast it was so sweet smelling. Sooooooo, all you have to do is buy a case of, say it again, Horchata, and nurse your child and you too can have the sweetest smelling diaper pail in town (next to mine...actual mileage may vary and you may have to drink an entire container by yourself to manage this feat, but it is worth it...really).

If anyone out there is still reading, I am a baby gear snob. I know, hard to be-lieve, but it is true. Not the Chicago baby gear snob (now I'm dissin' my favorite Midwestern city) mind you. I don't give a hoot about the most expensive whathaveyou designer baby gear thingy. I am talking a different (here again I think I'm better than other baby gear snobs...who the heck do I think I am) kind of snob. I am a minimalist. I don't need a stroller (I do, however, need every baby carrier known to woman, but that is another post), I don't need a crib, I don't need a changing table...well I didn't for two children. Now I sell changing tables and told myself that I really needed to try it out. I hate selling things I haven't actually used myself. Well, we fell in love. All of us. It is one cool changing table. It cradles her in much so that she will fall asleep on it or stay asleep as the case may be. It is nice on my back to have a place high enough to change her, yes, I'm getting old. Even Rob, who could care less about such things and is more of a minimalist than I am, had to say how much he liked the changing table the other day. We are now officially wusses, wooses, and or woozles...with a really cool, environmentally-friendly, expensive changing table. Yehaw!

Product Review:

The other day Rob was going to work late so he didn't go in at his usual time, two out of three kids were asleep and the one which was up was content playing so I took this time to do something fun and shopping by myself. I actually ran into a friend who was also sans child at the store. I hardly knew what to do without the kids. I had time to think about what I was buying without all the questions and without someone wanting something. I almost had a panic attack. Instead, I bought stuff I wouldn't have bought with the kids. Crazy, I know, but I bought several convenience foods that I would have said no to if the kids were with me. One such product was a new Amy's Kitchen frozen food marketed to kids. It was the Kids Meals Baked Ziti. I could hardly wait for the kids to try it. They loved it, except for the vegan cheese which they scraped off since they grew up not eating cheese it is a weird thing to them. I like the fact that there is broccoli and both kids ate it all. I begged a bite off Parker and it was darn good. A couple little thumbs up for these, but we won't be buying them often due to price, but once in a while works.

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