Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bonus Meal and Dessert a la Parker

We had a bonus meal brought over from a friend in our natural parenting group. Parker and the rest of us really enjoyed it, but Dema fell asleep before dinner so we saved some left-overs. The recipe is from called Whole Wheat Pasta with Roasted Vegetables and Olives. Rob added a tad more balsamic vinegar, but I thought it was perfect. All Parker could say was "Mmm, this is really good." with his mouth full. He has been big into pasta salads lately. I will make this in the future. Again, I can't say enough how much we appreciate all the food.

Parker made this "Strawberry, Banana, Orange Cream" (we'll have to work on the names he gives his creations) and he took a picture and asked that I add it to the blog. He highly recommends it. Basically, it is frozen strawberries, bananas, and Soy Delicious Twisted Vanilla Orange. We went to a birthday party recently and I didn't bring the boys anything vegan for them (it was at a park and they were more interested in playing anyway until Dema all the sudden was starving and luckily one of the other moms had some grapes and was sweet to share them) so I promised I would buy some vegan ice cream. They forgot about the dessert that night, but Parker remembered it while getting out the frozen strawberries. The vegan ice cream is actually very close to Dreamsicle of Rob and my pre-vegan childhoods. Not bad for a once in a while treat.

Josie is awake more and more, but I tend to take pictures of her while she's sleeping. Here she is hanging out on our porch, soaking in some rays on the hotter than normal September days we've been having. I miss the fall weather! 90's in September remind me of global warming, but that is a post for another day. But, while I'm on the topic of food and environment, I'll share this link to No War No Warming from the Organic Consumers Association. We've supported OCA for a while, although I don't agree with their stance on everything I feel they are a worthwhile organization. I am happy to finally see the anti-war movement make a connection with environmental issues.

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