Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tomatoes and Popcorn

Okay, so that doesn't sound too appetizing. Usually, I don't think of tomatoes and popcorn together, but desperate times call for desperate food. It is HOT (it isn't the heat, it is the humidity...seriously it sucks) here in Illinois and we have no A/C (I'm sure I've whined about this before) which wouldn't be too terrible except we still can't open more than one window on our first floor (where the kitchen is). It is actually cooler on the second floor.

So...what does this have to do with food, Linda? Well, for one the family went shopping together just to get cooler (and because we needed some things, but we *hate* shopping at places like Target so it ended up being a less than pleasurable experience with one bright side) and we finally found an air popcorn popper since ours died a while back. We made popcorn as soon as we got home. My favorite popcorn:

olive oil (enough to lightly coat)
sea salt (little)
nutritional yeast (lots)
red pepper flakes (just a little)

Put all this in a brown paper bag and close tightly and shake vigorously. Yum!

A coworker/friend of Rob's sweetly sent home some fresh tomatoes from his garden today. I suppressed the urge to just eat them as tomato sandwiches (especially since we are out of bread) and instead made the Cappellini in Fresh Tomato Cream Sauce from VeganYumYum. I bought some Tofutti non-hydrogenated Better Than Cream Cheese on a whim the other day since I found it on sale. We haven't eaten the Better Than Cream Cheese in years, but now that it is non-hydrogenated and I had LoLo's recipe in the back of my mind, I bought some. Everyone (all my favorite vegan bloggers) was right and it was yummy (everyone in my family liked it..I waited to tell Rob about the Better Than Cream Cheese), but I would definitely add broccoli and carrots to it next time since it was pretty rich. I doubled the recipe and used my immersion blender instead of a regular blender/food processor (was a little messy, but it worked). I also coated the cappellini with flax seed oil (don't tell Rob) because I just have to add flax seed oil to pasta (I didn't add the pasta to the sauce and cook it like the recipe called for, but just put flax seed oil on the pasta and added the sauce after). I think the sauce would be great in a lasagna or topping pizza too. I will have to play with it. The best thing is it takes so little time to make so I wasn't slaving in the hot kitchen all night and it was just right with some mixed berries on the side for a hot, hot night when you don't feel like eating a ton.

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