Saturday, August 18, 2007

They Died for Us

When I first heard about the trapped miners in Utah, I thought, "Why doesn't the media talk about alternatives to coal when things like this happen?". Of course, some argue people need jobs and the miners would rather be working the mine than be unemployed. I refuse to think these are our only options. A friend of mine is an iron worker (tough, dangerous work in its own right) and he is currently working on a windmill farm. Cutting down on coal mining doesn't mean we can't put people to work doing other projects which maybe aren't as dangerous and certainly won't kill their families off as well with the air pollution.

Now rescuers have died and most certainly the original miners are dead now too. All I can think is they died for us. They died to bring us cheap power. I could go into the others who have died, are dying, will die for power (like wars fought over the control of oil, etc.), but right now I want to focus on the miners. A few days ago I was listening to NPR and one of the miners they interviewed mentioned that he says a prayer ever time he goes down in the mine. It made me think that we all should say a prayer (or a thank you if you prefer) every time we turn on our lights, cook up some tofu, check out our favorite blog...thanking the people who go down into the Earth and risk their lives daily in hellish, terrifying conditions to provide us with power.

Thank you and I'm sorry.

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