Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Secret Sex Life of Vegans

Okay, I want to let this one go, but I just can't. I read The New Zealand Herald article "Vegans left feeling hungry...for love" and shouldn't give it the time of day, but now we have our own sexual label apparently so maybe this is a step for vegans. I don't know if it is in the right direction...

Anyhoo...people who choose to not be sexually intimate with non-vegans are now "vegansexuals". Someone actually went to the effort (sniff) to survey vegans and found they prefer partners who are *gasp* vegan. How odd? This is shocking and in the article it cuts down on the number of potential dates. (Maybe the answer to world overpopulation???? See previous post.) I am sincerely touched that someone cares enough about the vegans to worry if we are getting enough sex or not. (I'm guessing the author is a meat-eater who didn't get past first base with a vegan.)

I am one of the lucky ones. I have a vegan husband so I'm not out there dating so much anymore. In fact, we have been known to replay the scene in "When Harry Met Sally" (come on, you know you've seen it) where the two characters look at each other in bed after getting off the phone with Harry and Sally and say "tell me I will never have to be out there again". Or something tot this effect. This is how we feel. Married life might be tough and no bed of organic roses (and btw, I have rose bushes now and they have thorns and are a big pain in the rear so who came up with this term?), but it sure beats trying to get out there again and find another available vegan.

I just want to know what is going on or not going on in New Zealand for an article like this to be published. Is the crime rate so low? Are there no natural disasters? I'm moving to New Zealand...but, I'm going to keep a firm grip on my husband.

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