Thursday, August 2, 2007

I Heart Dennis!

As in Kucinich (which rhymes with spinach which I also love). Since I'm on the vegan love theme today, I just had to blog about my secret heart throb and presidential candidate (wow, never thought those two would go together).

I was reading this interview on the Daily Grist "Kucinich on the Record" and drooling. I have been a fan since his last presidential bid and still have the bumper sticker on my car to prove it. This is no fly by night love, but something lasting. I mean how could anyone not adore the "former boy mayor of Cleveland" (how do you ever get rid of that baggage?) who is a peace loving vegan?

In all seriousness, he is a visionary and an amazing speaker. He came to the U of I to speak during the last campaign and I was impressed...not easy to do my friends. He is the only environmental candidate, in my opinion. Although Rob thinks he is unelectable (he is sooo negative!), I will vote for him any day of the week and twice in Chicago.

Do me a favor and at least check him out. He has some interesting ideas and a lot of balls (did I really type that?) to come out and put it all on the line. I won't tell you who to vote for (there might be a dozen vegan cookies in it for you), but it doesn't hurt to read a little of what he has to say.

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