Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brunch and Peaches

Rob made brunch for us today and I wish I'd taken pictures because it was the best tofu scramble I think he has made. I like to indulge in the Amy's Kitchen frozen Tofu Scramble from time to time and I think this was as good or better. Here is the "recipe" (he kind of just threw it together):

1 package White Wave firm tofu (pressed to get the water out and cubed)
4 large carrots (chopped)
3 handfulls fresh spinach (tear into bite sized pieces)
1 onion (diced)
1 red pepper
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp tumeric
1 tsp salt
nutritional yeast to taste (this is a key ingredient in my opinion so I suggested he add it)

Cook the veggies with the spices. Add the tofu near the end after the veggies have had time to cook a bit and then the nutritional yeast.

He also made hashbrowns in our new Swiss Diamond skillet which we bought in Colorado. We haven't had a non-stick skillet for many years and I'm not sure what I think about the diamond coating, but it does work really well. Thus, he didn't need to use any oil. Parker was watching him cook and suggested we add black beans to the hashbrowns. Parker opened the can of beans and I suggested we add some salsa to the beans while we heated them up so we had Muir Glen mild salsa with black beans on the hashbrowns which turned out to taste quite good. The boys ate the fresh strawberries before brunch so they had some frozen ones with brunch and Dema had to dip his tofu scramble in unsweetened ketchup.

My sweet thoughtful friend, Jenny, picked up some local peaches the other day and we've enjoyed eating them as they ripened. Dema didn't even wait for them to ripen before eating a few. Today I found so many ripe that I knew they would go to waste if I didn't do something with them. The kids have been begging for the peach upside-down cake from Fat Free Vegan (the kids are addicted to vegan food blogs) so I thought today would be a good day. I used the tips for cutting up the peaches from VeganYumYum. Unfortunately, I didn't use enough peaches (my pan was a little bigger than the recipe called for and I didn't add extra peaches), but otherwise it was very yummy. I would make it again and it is really easy. There are so many better pictures out there for this cake so don't let my picture keep you from trying it. The recipe uses quite a bit of sugar and I would maybe cut that down next time and maybe add some cinnamon (I love cinnamon and was reading recently about the positive effects of cinnamon on blood sugar levels). The cake disappeared right away and Parker said he'll have to create a similar recipe for the restaurant he wants to open (not sure if that goes against child labor laws since he is just seven).

Thanks Jenny! I should have brought you some cake.

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